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Working in conjunction with Dipetane Ireland, we now supply SureMax Diesel and SureHeat Kerosene. Whether you require fuel for your truck, tractor, digger or your home heating these fuels have many economic and environmental advantages, click on the links below for more information.

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Kerosene is a commercial / home heating oil which is also known as 'Kero' or 'Paraffin'.
It is economical to use, orange/red in colour and clean burning (less sulphur content).
Also referred to as 28 second oil.
It can be used in most homes that have an indoor boiler.
To ensure it is 'Wintergrade' all year round Kerosene is treated with an anti freeze agent (-18max)
Vat is charged at 13.5%

Download MSDS For Kerosene Here »

Gas Oil

Gas Oil is often referred to as Home Heating Oil, Green Diesel or Tractor Diesel & 35 second oil. It has been dyed green and may be used as home heating oil in a lot of older house burners & off road vehicles.
Gas Oil is a cost efficient, clean and safe home heating choice.
It can only be used for heating systems with an outdoor burner.
It is illegal to use Gas Oil to fuel on the road vehicles.
It can be used to run generators, fridge units on trucks, construction machinery and off road vehicles. Gas Oil is also used to Fuel ships.
Vat is charged at 13.5%

Download MSDS For Gas Oil Here »

Motor Diesel (D.E.R.V)

Motor Diesel is used for road vehicles and has the same properties as Gas Oil.
It is also known as White Diesel or Derv.
Derv is treated with an anti freeze agent but it is only 'Wintergrade' from September to March.
Vat is charged at 23%.

Download MSDS For DERV Here »


Unleaded petrol is the most widely know product derived from oil. Also known as spirit or gasoline (USA).
It is used for fuelling road vehicles and is considerably more expensive than diesel.
If you are currently a fuel retailer or considering entering the industry, why not consider discussing your fuel requirements with our professional & experienced team who will be more than happy to discuss all your needs.
Vat is charged at 23%.


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